USB Bitcoin Miner Review – Top 4 USB Bitcoin Miner 2018

Bitcoin mining using USB is one of the most unrefined method mining bitcoins. The method was used in the early times of the Bitcoin technology. Additionally, the method first came, people were using CPUs alone to do the mining, however, with time USB powered bitcoin which boosted the bitcoin mining. Moreover, USB Bitcoin Miner an ideal method for anyone who wishes to make a profit. Nevertheless, it’s a good way to offer you knowledge on how bitcoin mining is done with the slightest amount of investment. On that note, in the following discussion, we are going to look at USB Bitcoin miner review.

usb bitcoin miner review

What’s Bitcoin Mining?

When talking about Bitcoin Mining, it basically refers to the process of verifying transactions and importantly adding them to blockchain which is generally a public ledger. Moreover, bitcoin mining also entails the means in which bitcoins are released. Bitcoin mining is always there for anyone who has access to the internet and importantly effective hardware. In nutshell, mining of bitcoins involves compiling a group of transactions into blocks and then attempting to solve a mathematical puzzle. The individual who becomes first in solving the puzzle goes to the next step of the blockchain and importantly claims a prize. The involved reward is basically a transaction fee which is related to the organized blocks and the bitcoins.

How Do USB Bitcoin Miners Work?

Mining of bitcoins is actually the best way in which cryptocurrencies are released to circulation. A good number of people participate in the activity making interesting and attractive. Importantly, the USB bitcoin miner does the mining a particular speed of hashing when connecting to a computer with an appropriate software. The process can actually be enhanced by connecting multiples of the miners. If your computer cannot manage to support multiple miners because the scarcity of ports you can actually use the USB hub. The suitable software which is installed in the computer monitors the operations of the miners. The most common types of software used in bitcoin mining include Asteroid, MacMiner, BFGMiner, and MinePeon. An alternative to connecting the miners to your standard computers, you can always connect them to low-cost computer devices like Raspberry Pi which are always a recommendation and crucially have an ideally capacity to run the USB bitcoin miners.

How to use a USB Bitcoin miner?

This is essentially a step by step guide on how you can use USB Bitcoin Miner to perform your bitcoin mining

  • ​Join a pool

Joining a mining pool majorly entails working with other miners and competing for an ultimate bitcoin prize. The fact that you have joined a mining pool, you are entitled to be getting some bits of bitcoin payments. It’s always a recommendation that you join multiple pools so that when one goes offline you always have an option of switching to the other. You always have an option joining any pool that best suits you.

  • ​Download and configure CGMiner

CGMiner is essentially an FPGA/GPU bitcoin mining program that is coded in C language. Importantly, the program is compatible with Linux and Windows operating system. Some of the major characteristics of CGMiner include fan speed control, support for overclocking, remote interface capabilities and crucially hardware support. With CGMiner you are actually ready to start bitcoin mining.

  • ​Download and install the relevant driver

This’s generally a relevant driver that works with the USB Bitcoin Miner. You can always get the URL of the download link from the relevant sites online.

  • ​Connect Your USB Miners

This majorly involves plugging your USB miner into the USB port of your computer. Additionally, you can also opt to connect the USB miner to the USB hub which is normally connected to your computer. However, for the second option, you must ensure your USB hub is powered since the miners actually require about 2.5WA of power.

  • ​Observe and write down the COM numbers for each of the devices.

There are usually different types of COMs- COM 2, COM 3, COM 4 etc. You should always be aware of the COM number that you will be using. For the windows type of device the steps in identifying the COM in place include:

  1. ​Go to the control panel
  2. Click on printers and devices and you will be able to locate them.
  • ​Create a desktop shortcut

This is done by right-clicking on the desktop, navigating to new and then shortcut. After this, you can then use your browser option to navigate and importantly identify the cgminer-fpgaonly.exe file which was initially unzipped. You will then be required to right click on the shortcut and navigate to properties and then finally go to the “Target” and do the update.

  • ​Launch CGMiner

This is actually the point at which you commence to mining of your bitcoin. All you need to do is to double-click on the shortcut on your desktop and you will start mining. You will just be able to see the bitcoin mining taking place on your screen. You can minimize the screen so that bitcoin mining can continue in the background.

Top four Bitcoin USB miners

​Sapphire Miner

Sapphire USB Bitcoin Miner

Sapphire Miner was actually the fastest miner in the cryptocurrency market. The device has a hashing power of about 330MH/s. It an ideal option for you if you need to engage in mining. The miner will earn you $0.01 per month.


​GekkoScience USB Bitcoin Miner

​In comparison with the initial block erupters, GekkoScience is by far a better miner. The device runs completely silent and it only requires one USB port to work. It will earn you about $0.15 per month.

​Avalon Nano 3

Avalon Nano 3 usb bitcoin

​A very easy to use miner that does not require any fan. You only need to plug it into the USB port of your computer. The miner has a hashing speed of 3.6 GH/s and will earn you about $1 per annum.

​Bitmain Antrouter

​Bitmain Antrouter USB Bitcoin Miner

A low-cost USB bitcoin miner that features a hashing speed of 5.5 GH/s. Although studies say it isn’t really a USB miner, it looks similar. The device works as a wireless router which is generally one major advantage with it. It can net you approximately $1 per year.


​he use USB Bitcoin Miners is entirely an old way of doing things that cannot earn you much profit in as much cryptocurrency is concerned. If you really want to make much profit from Bitcoin mining, use alternative means. Nevertheless, it’s a good way to offer you knowledge on how bitcoin mining is done with the slightest amount of investment.